Student Checklist

Important things to remember:

  • Before you can login you must complete and return the Promise Release of Information form to your school guidance counselor.
  • Release forms are available in the school guidance counselor’s office.
  • Logging in for the first time is how you apply for the Promise.
  • District 50 and 52 : Your username is the same as your Student School Google Account username if you attend public school.
  • District 51: Your username is the same as your Student Power School username if you attend public school.
  • Students attending private schools will obtain their username via their guidance counselor.
  • Homeschooling students will need to contact the Promise office to obtain their usernames.
  • The initial password is welcome.
  • Need more help with the Promise Portal? View instructions here.

Phase 1 provides tuition assistance for students to obtain a certificate, diploma, or associates degree from Piedmont Technical College or one of the other SC technical colleges if a particular major is not offered at Piedmont Tech.