F3 Greenwood Pledges $2500 to The Greenwood Promise

Photo caption from left: Promise Committee Chair Ron Millender, Ben Scurry, Jess Timmons, Director of The Greenwood Promise Kris Burris, Josh Sims, Glenn Perrin, Mike Adams and Josh Garvin Members of F3 Greenwood pledged $2,500 to support The Greenwood Promise.  To date, the Promise has received more than $4.7 million in pledges.  Promise awards began with the spring high school … Read More

When your community and its college have your back

Venturing into the world of postsecondary education can be scary. Aside from the challenging coursework, the cost can seem daunting. But more than ever before, education beyond high school has become a necessary step for a rewarding career. Recognizing this need and the value of a well-trained workforce, the Greenwood County business community and forward-looking citizens created the Greenwood Promise … Read More

Greenwood Edge manufacturing training program launching in Greenwood County

GREENWOOD, S.C. – Greenwood Edge, a program that enables students to earn a Manufacturing Production Technician Certificate through Piedmont Technical College (PTC) while in high school, is launching in Greenwood County SC. The program will begin with a cohort of 24 students in fall 2018. Greenwood Edge was created in response to recommendations outlined by a consulting company that assisted … Read More

The Greenwood Promise: Promise Makers 2017

Your support provides a tuition-free path to higher education Thanks to our supporters Promise awards began with the spring high school graduating class of 2017. In fact, for fall 2017, 146 students from the 2017 graduating high school class in Greenwood County applied to receive Promise funds, and 141 were eligible for funding. As a result, Piedmont Technical College has … Read More

Q&A: Burris connects the dots between education and workforce development

Kris Burris sees the Greenwood Promise as playing a pivotal role in the development of the future workforce. She became director of the scholarship program in October 2016 and brings with her 15 years of nonprofit management experience. The Greenwood Promise is an initiative to help Greenwood County high school graduates with postsecondary tuition assistance. It is available for students … Read More

Next steps for The Greenwood Promise

As a child, I dreamed about my future career, transitioning from teacher to lawyer to doctor to computer science whiz. However, in college, I discovered a passion for serving others, and my desire to help others truly manifested itself. Whether first-generation college students or products of scholars, we all dream of “something more.” I was fortunate to have a mother … Read More

Socioeconomic benefits of post-secondary education

Benefits of post-secondary education seem clear for an individual in terms of better jobs and improved earning potential, but those benefits ripple through society. For starters, more education promotes economic self-sufficiency. The Greenwood Promise offers postsecondary tuition assistance for all Greenwood County high school graduates. Read more on the Index Journal

Benefits and impact of education attainment

Post-secondary education enhances the quality of life beyond securing better jobs, though that foundation is essential to other benefits. A community that values learning sees improvements far and wide. “This is the most exciting initiative I’ve seen in a long time, a testimonial to this community’s belief in preparing youth for a better Greenwood. — Sharon Wall Greenwood Promise is … Read More

Current costs of post-secondary education, especially in South Carolina

A dilemma: Post-secondary education is increasingly important for everyone, but it’s also becoming less affordable. The Greenwood Promise, which provides financial support for Greenwood County students seeking higher education, is a local solution to one of our nation’s biggest economic challenges. How much of a challenge is college affordability? The College Board recently reported national averages in 2016-17 for in‐state tuition … Read More

Why post-secondary education is vital now and in future

If you or a loved one has looked for a job recently, you’re aware of changes in the American workforce. Post-secondary education and training have become necessary to secure better employment opportunities. Change creates challenges not only for workers but also for those who create jobs. Let’s look at these challenges — and potential solutions. Indications are in the future … Read More