Index-Journal: Greenwood Promise called generational gift at donor function


The Greenwood Promise assures that eligible graduating high school students will be able to attend Piedmont Technical College for two years at no cost to them.

But ask 20-year-old Noel Johnson what the program means, and she’ll use another word: Miracle.

“Going to college, I knew a four-year degree wasn’t for me. It was a fear of how I was going to pay for college that scared me,” Johnson said. “That’s where the Greenwood Promise came in and removed the financial burden for me.”

Fresh off being named a Piedmont Tech honor student, Johnson plans to pursue a career in human resources, eventually giving back to the program that removed a barrier otherwise keeping her from personal success.

Since beginning with the Greenwood County graduating high school class of 2017, enrollment metrics have increased dramatically — a phenomenon many officials attribute to the innovative philanthropic program.

In 2016, 175 Greenwood County high school graduates were enrolled at Piedmont Tech. That figure jumped to 243 in the inaugural year of the Promise and hovered at nearly the same number in 2018 with 236.

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