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Greenwood’s climate is mild and seasonable, with an average temperature of 68 degrees. While the summer can bring heat and humidity, the spring and fall exhibit mild temperatures and many days filled with sunshine and beauty. Winters in Greenwood are comfortable, with very little precipitation or snow. For visitors, year-round outdoor activities are common and popular at local Greenwood attractions.

The City of Greenwood, the county seat, is located near the center of Greenwood County. Ware Shoals, in the northeast corner of the county, is 17 miles north of Greenwood and Ninety Six is 9 miles east of Greenwood. The area is accessible to three major interstates and only hours away from both the mountains and the coast.

Area historians have credited several “pillars” with shaping the Greenwood of today, and those were in place from the outset. One was an early special interest of Greenwood residents in educating students. By the time of its chartering in 1857, Greenwood had schools that were already 25 years old.

The second foundation for Greenwood’s continued prosperity was the initiative and hard work of its founders and early settlers in providing transportation facilities; first railroads, then highways and an airport.

A third key part of Greenwood’s development was the area’s textile industry, which remains a vital economic block supporting the Greenwood Community.

The Greenwood community has become well known throughout the state as “an example of what can be accomplished by unremitting energy and boundless self-reliance” and Greenwood’s “hospitable and progressive” people welcome “all who may come to” their town. These characteristics are still present in today’s Greenwood residents.

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