Student of the Month: Noel Johnson

Noel Johnson is our November 2019 Promise Student of the Month. Noel is a student at Piedmont Technical College who will receive a Human Resources Certificate in December. The Greenwood Promise had the pleasure of Noel speaking at our Donor Appreciation Dinner, and recently, she has been chosen to speak at Piedmont Tech’s graduation. Noel has truly been a Rockstar for The Greenwood Promise, and we could not be happier that upon graduation, she will remain in Greenwood and will be working part-time, 3 days a week starting out, at WCTEL. Her appreciation of The Promise, especially the financial contributions of our donors, speaks to our mission and vision to educate our students with the hopes of them remaining in Greenwood County as residents, contributing to the vitality of our community. Noel, on behalf of The Greenwood Promise and our supporters, CONGRATULATIONS on graduating from Piedmont Tech! We are all so proud of you!

“I want to thank you again for the opportunity to speak at the donor appreciation dinner as Mr. Russell has recommended me and I have accepted to speak at graduation next month. I also was surprised to find out yesterday that I am the Greenwood County, County award winner. None of this would be possible without the financial contribution that The Greenwood Promise made to my education. For me it just wasn’t just a financial investment; it was an investment in me and my future”. -Noel Johnson