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Benefits and impact of education attainment

Post-secondary education enhances the quality of life beyond securing better jobs, though that foundation is essential to other benefits. A community that values learning sees improvements far and wide.

“This is the most exciting initiative I’ve seen in a long time, a testimonial to this community’s belief in preparing youth for a better Greenwood. — Sharon Wall

Greenwood Promise is a tuition-free path for Greenwood County students to attain a post-secondary education without the crushing burden of student debt. Local benefits extend far beyond enhanced lives for individuals, however, because the entire community benefits by:

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Current costs of post-secondary education, especially in South Carolina

A dilemma: Post-secondary education is increasingly important for everyone, but it’s also becoming less affordable.

The Greenwood Promise, which provides financial support for Greenwood County students seeking higher education, is a local solution to one of our nation’s biggest economic challenges.

How much of a challenge is college affordability? The College Board recently reported national averages in 2016-17 for in‐state tuition and fees at U. S. public, two- and four-year schools:

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Why post-secondary education is vital now and in future

If you or a loved one has looked for a job recently, you’re aware of changes in the American workforce. Post-secondary education and training have become necessary to secure better employment opportunities.

Change creates challenges not only for workers but also for those who create jobs. Let’s look at these challenges — and potential solutions.

Indications are in the future there may still be some jobs for those with a high school diploma or less, but the ability to get a good-paying job will be substantially improved with education beyond high school.

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Why Greenwood Promise will improve economic growth, vitality

The Greenwood Promise has been widely publicized recently, yet many have asked how it works and why it was created. A closer look shows how this program will help our community grow and improve quality of life.

Economic growth is vital to a healthy community and that means business growth, job growth, and growth of wages.

Education is key to that growth because it maintains the workforce that supports job creation and equips citizens with skills to improve their standard of living.

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The Greenwood Promise: An overview

After four years of study, discussion, modeling, planning and fundraising, The Greenwood Promise implements its Phase 1 with the graduating high school seniors from Class of 2017 attending public or private schools in Districts 50, 51 and 52. The unique feature of the Greenwood Promise is it’s not just another scholarship program. Rather, we promise kindergarteners through seniors that upon their graduation the Greenwood Promise will assist with post-secondary education costs. This is a game changer.

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Greenwood Promise taps former Beyond Abuse chief as executive director

From her work with survivors of child and sexual abuse to helping first-generation or disabled students navigate the world of higher education at Piedmont Technical College, Kris Burris has made a career out of helping others.

Which is why her new role as executive director of The Greenwood Promise is such a natural fit, Burris said.

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Greenwood Promise gets $250K pledge

Greenwood Commission of Public Works has become the latest to support to The Greenwood Promise, pledging $250,000 to the initiative during the next five years.

The three-member board voted unanimously Thursday to approve the ordinance, which gives $50,000 to The Promise this year with the intention of giving an additional $50,000 each year for the next four years.

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Greenwood scholarship program nears $5 million goal

The Greenwood Promise campaign is getting closer to its $5 million goal having raised $4.08 million since the campaign was announced in October, according to campaign organizers.

The Greenwood Promise is a “last money” scholarship, meaning it will pay the remaining tuition and fees after all state scholarships, grants and Pell Grants are included. It is for tuition and fees only and is paid directly to the educational institution. The program is available for students whose primary residences are zoned within Greenwood County school districts 50, 51 and 52.

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Anonymous donor gives $1 Million to The Greenwood Promise

The Greenwood Promise capital campaign is off to a fast start with an anonymous donation of $1 million to ensure its success. “This is such a generous contribution,” said Campaign Chair and Self Regional Healthcare President/CEO Jim Pfeiffer. “The enthusiasm for this game-changing initiative is inspiring and contagious. The Promise opens the door of opportunity for all high school graduates in our county and advances Greenwood jobs for Greenwood people.” The Greenwood Promise is an educational initiative spearheaded by Greenwood Partnership Alliance, Greenwood County’s economic development organization. An endowment is being established that will promise all eligible Greenwood County high school graduates tuition assistance towards an Associate’s Degree. The capital campaign is currently in a quiet phase and is slated to hold a public kick-off event on October 21. “We know that The Greenwood Promise will have a transformative impact on Greenwood County and provide hope for future generations to come,” said Pfeiffer. “The fact that we are getting this level of support is an amazing testimony to the kind of leadership, vision, and determination that exists in our community.”

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